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5 tips for safe winter driving

NC – We like to think of winter as the time of year where we build snowmen and curl up in wool blankets to drink hot chocolate in front of a fireplace. Although the first thoughts that come to mind are largely inviting, the season still has drawbacks such as bad weather, which can be a nightmare for drivers.

To help you prepare for the winter driving season, follow these five tips:

1. Maintain control

If you’re behind the wheel in difficult conditions, keep a good driving position and look where you want to go. Having your hands on the wheel at the nine and three o’clock spots will help you know the wheels are straight and let you regain control if the car begins to skid. Meanwhile, keeping your eyes in the direction you want the car to go will help you think ahead and avoid sudden movements.

2. Stay informed

Always check the forecast before driving. It will help you plan your trip, or depending on the driving conditions, may advise you to stay home. Weather in uncertain conditions can change at any time, which is why some insurance providers like Belairdirect have weather alerts on their mobile apps to notify you in advance of severe weather risks in your area.

3. Watch out for trucks

To avoid having snow, ice and slush thrown on your windshield while driving, it is better to steer clear of large trucks. If you need to pass one, plan your manoeuvre in advance. By having an idea of the next steps, you will avoid panic even if you lose visibility for a brief moment.

4. Get a good snow brush

Even if it’s only a thin layer of snow covering your vehicle, snow removal should never be neglected. Planning a few extra minutes before getting behind the wheel to clear snow that has accumulated could save you from a fine and ensure you are not a danger to yourself or other drivers.

5. Refill your windshield washer

A sunny winter day doesn’t necessarily mean good road conditions, since melting snow brings slush. Be prepared to run your wipers more often to ensure having good visibility with all the splashes you’ll get on your windshield from other cars. Consider always keeping a jug of windshield washer fluid in your trunk to avoid running short.

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