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Building their dream in Cape Anguille

Marilyn and Adam Sarzen are building their dream business overlooking the Cape Anguille lighthouse.

CAPE ANGUILLE – To bring a dream to fruition means a lot of hard work, as Marilyn and Adam Sarzen can testify. The couple are the owner/operators of Scenic View Cabins and Adventures, located not far past the Cape Anguille lighthouse.

“He’s always had that idea in his mind,” says Marilyn.

The couple sourced a specific area to build their dream business. Initially Adam says he was trying to get a piece of land from his father, but once this particular plot became available in 2016 they snapped it up. A quick glance around and it’s not hard to understand why.

Nestled on a mountainside, four wood cabins offer magnificent views of the nearby wetlands, farmlands, lighthouse, ocean and wildlife. Nearby trails lead up the mountain for those seeking a long walk or perhaps a few berries to pick while they stroll along miles of cliffs. Anyone who brings along an ATV or snowmobile has plenty of terrain to enjoy riding.

Adam started building the cabins in summer of 2017, and they only officially opened this July. One of the cabins is fully wheelchair accessible, and the fourth cabin is nearing completion. The cabins are also designed to accommodate winter tourists.

“We’ve had guests on the weekend, but obviously this is going to be a slower start for us,” says Marilyn.

Like most tourism businesses, they’ve been challenged by COVID-19. The cancelled reservations have been offset somewhat by provincial staycation visitors, but Marilyn admits they haven’t really focused much on advertising yet.

“We’ve got a little plan here,” says Adam, which upon closer inspection seems to be a massive understatement.

Although they’re still working on the last of the cabins, they’re also building an office check-in and a takeout shack. It’s being built further down the road before the cabins, closer to the red and white lighthouse, and will offer outdoor dining on a huge deck.

The menu will offer fish and chips, and since the fish plant is only just down the road it promises to be fresh daily. Other takeout staples will be burgers and chicken. Given the remote location, it only makes sense to offer somewhere guests can dine on evenings they don’t feel like cooking. They hope to have the takeout open by next spring.

Since they’re already taking bookings for next year, the timing is perfect.

“The only problem I find is that when people call to book I’ve got to say, ‘Sorry but we’re outside the cell service area.’ That’s a killer right there,” offers Marilyn. “We’re going to hook up wi-fi up there so they can still send messages or whatever. Some people don’t like the fact that there’s no cell phone service. Some more people think hey, it’s great.”

As for the adventure part of the Scenic View Cabins and Adventures, the couple say they’re still figuring out the details, but that’s definitely in the works too.

“Hard to say,” chuckles Adam. “I’ve got adventures coming. That’s the last piece of the puzzle.”

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