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Christmas Adventure offers holiday staycation

2021 Christmas Adventure – Tree at Kin Square. – © Jaymie White / Wreckhouse Press

By Jaymie White Local Journalism Initiative Reporter

STEPHENVILLE — It’s that time of year again, the time when friends and families get together to spread some holiday cheer, and one community takes that Christmas spirit to the next level. Christmas Adventure on Main Street in Stephenville will be taking place on Dec. 17 from 6:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m. and it promises to be full of Christmas cheer.

Last year, despite the bitter cold, smiles could be seen on the faces of everyone who walked the full length of Main Street, taking in the sights and sounds that Christmas Adventure had to offer, including the Grinch wreaking havoc and getting arrested by the RCMP.

The entire street, which could easily be mistaken for a romantic Christmas movie scene, was closed to motorized vehicles, and businesses offered hot chocolate and other goodies those who passed by. This year promises to be bigger, better, and even more joyous than last year and Mayor Tom Rose couldn’t be more excited.

“This year, myself, I’m personally sponsoring free popcorn on Main Street. I’ve done that the last two Christmas Adventures. I want to keep that tradition going so Debbie’s Video is providing that for me. There’s so much family and such a spirit of Christmas when we hold these events, it really does your heart well to experience it. Then you get to meet people you just haven’t met.”

Rose hopes that people from communities near and far will pop in to see what Stephenville has to offer this holiday season.

“I think we’re anticipating people from different communities, especially close to Stephenville, but I’d love to see a few families from Port aux Basques. But to keep it safe, come in and spend a night in a hotel, do some shopping, and take your time driving back to the great community of Port aux Basques.”

This year, things are going to be a little different.

“Our volunteers on the committee do so much work. Town Councillor Tracy Boland is chair of the committee, and last year we had it stretched through the whole length of Main Street, and we realized for the tight timeline, from 6:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m., it was probably a little too big a street for people to walk to and from, because it was just too much logistics going from one end of Main Street to the other,” said Rose. “Because of that, we decided we would just tighten it up, from the Town Square right to Grove Street by Dominos and Pizza Delight, and that would be probably a little easier from a decorating perspective in order to create in the spirit of Christmas, like a Hallmark Christmas.”

The music and live entertainment will go in a different direction this year as well.

“The other thing, too, is we want to focus a little more this year on carolers and music playing on a top sound system throughout Main Street with businesses participating in having Christmas music playing,” said Rose. “We found last year that we tried to do a little bit of live entertainment but, and I’m a musician and I tell you what, doing a live performance outdoors in July is challenging at times, so in December it’s not conducive to playing guitar, especially considering the temperatures we had last year. So we’re not going with the live entertainment except for live carolers and we think that is going to be a little more appropriate for the event.”

Councillor Tracy Boland said preparations are going well and the committee is keeping busy, going over all the final plans for the 17th.

“It will be a smaller scale this year, but hopefully more impactful. We have a full committee all excited to put the work in to make this community event a success,” said Boland. “The event last year was a success. People loved it and we realized some things worked and some things didn’t, but that’s all a part of it. We always hope for a larger turn out then the year before. We hope for good weather, because that definitely is a deciding factor.”

“Last year was bitter cold. The wind was raw last year, but I’ve been looking at the long-range forecast for the 17th and I’ve got my fingers crossed that we’ll have a more pleasant circumstance this year when it comes to the weather and Mother Nature,” said Rose.

The anticipation in Stephenville is already palpable.

“From speaking to people in the community the excitement is definitely there,” said Boland. “People want positive community things happening. The world has been so negative lately, so people are excited to take to the street for another adventure of Christmas cheer.”

“Sometimes people come to Stephenville to shop, so they can technically come in to shop, take in the Christmas Adventure, and maybe spend a night at a hotel – make a night out of it. It’s like a staycation for Christmas,” said Rose.”

As with anything, a few obstacles are bound to pop up.

“One of our committee member’s Dad is very sick so we wish her all the best. Thoughts and prayers to her and her family. Another committee member’s father is also hospitalized, but doing much better, and as for myself, I fell on ice and fractured my wrist, so a few setbacks for sure,” said Boland.

Participation has been high.

“So far, each day we get a new group that wants to get involved. We have a very good committee putting it all together, which helps of course. For the most part businesses are on board to help give back to the community, which is so nice to see their positive attitudes,” said Boland.

“We don’t always get a full uptake with the businesses of Main Street when we do events and sometimes it’s staffing issues. With COVID that was challenging for the labour market, but I think every year we’ll get more and more,” said Rose.

One thing is for certain, Christmas Adventure will continue to bring joy to those who get the chance to experience it.

“The best part of the Christmas Adventure for Stephenville is the community spirit. Everyone coming together as one in a positive environment,” said Boland. “The Christmas Adventure is a place where everyone is welcomed, a place for one evening where you can feel free and happy and enjoy the Christmas spirit.”

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