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Court Report for April 2021

Port aux Basques courthouse. – FILE PHOTO

PORT AUX BASQUES – Provincial circuit court returned for only the second time this year. Judge Lynn Cole presided over matters for the April docket. Court will return next month from May 19-21.

Mittens case delayed

Sentencing for Jody Charlene Anderson and Peter Rossiter, who were both convicted on one count each of Injuring or endangering animal (CCC 1985 [445-1]), was delayed. Rossiter presented with flu-like symptoms and was unable to be admitted into the courtroom due to Public Health regulations.

There was also some discussion surrounding a victim impact statement submitted by Velda Tapp Pretty. Judge Cole has asked Ms. Pretty to read the statement into the court in Stephenville on May 5 at 1:30. Sentencing has been rescheduled for May 21 in Port aux Basques.

George James Drake

Mr. Drake, who chose to represent himself, pled guilty to both charges. The guilty pleas were for one count (EA 2001 [32-1]) Unlawful possession or sale of tobacco products and one count (RA 2009 [32-9]) Unlawfully purchasing, possessing, acquiring, transporting, storing or selling contraband. Sentencing will take place on June 21.

Blaine Angus Henry Enwood

Mr. Enwood, who represented himself, pled guilty to two of four charges. The guilty pleas were for one count (CCC 1995 [86-2]) Contravention of firearms storage, handling, etc. regulations and one count (CCC 1995 [91-3]) Unauthorized possession of firearm, prohibited and/or restricted weapon. He pled not-guilty to charges of Assault (CCC 1985 [ 266-b]) and Failure to comply with condition of Undertaking (CCC 1997 [145-5.1-b]). Trial for the latter two charges will take place during the July circuit, and sentencing for the two charges regarding 12-gauge shotgun and to which Enwood pled guilty will not take place until after the trial. The trial has been scheduled for July 23.

Roger Organ

Mr. Organ, represented by Trevor Stagg, pled guilty to two charges. These were (FACR4 [14-1-b]) Fishing for unauthorized species and (FAC 1985 [33]) Unlawfully possessing or selling fish. Under the reading of the facts, Organ conceded that in July 2020 he removed three traps with an unknown number of lobster from the water near East Bay. Judge Cole imposed a $3,000 fine, which Organ has 2 years to pay, and a 1 year prohibition from being on the ocean except to travel to and from his cabin. He was also ordered to surrender a list of equipment, including his fishing gear, boat and motor.

Jared Francis Smith

Mr. Smith pled guilty to two charges under the Cannabis Control Act. These were one count each of (CCA 2018 [77-1-a]) Unlawful care or control of a vehicle or a boat with open cannabis packaging and (CCA 2018 [66-1-a]) A person under 19 unlawfully purchasing/possessing cannabis or a cannabis accessory. Judge Cole imposed a total of $520 in fines, including the victim fine surcharges, and ordered Smith to pay within 90 days.

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