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Damage to ATV trail markers

Damaged trail markers near Irvings Circle K in Port aux Basques. – © René J. Roy / Wreckhouse Press Incorporated

By Jaymie White

Local Journalism Initiative Reporter

PORT AUX BASQUES — On the quad trail behind Irvings, ATV trail marker poles had been knocked over or bent and twisted. Mayor Brian Button said that these poles are not meant to be permanent fixtures on the trail.

“They are only a temporary pole. If they are knocked back down it is only to put them back up, they are flexible poles,” said Button.

Town Manager Leon MacIsaac said this is something that happens from time to time.

“They tend to get knocked down on a regular basis because people, for whatever reason, even through there is still a substantial width there, they still feel the need to knock them over whenever they are driving by.”

That happens in other places too.

“The same thing happens with our wooden six by six posts by the train station. Every now and then we will have somebody going through and, either accidentally or on purpose, they knock them over and we have to go back and put them back in place again.”

Luckily this isn’t something that takes much effort to fix.

“Unless they are substantially damaged, we will just take the posts that have been knocked over and put them back in place again. It doesn’t happen very often, just every now and then. It is a periodic irritation more so than an ongoing element.”

Having the poles knocked over is not costing the town money, just the time it takes for someone to go down there and have to put them back up again.

“We have staff that will go out and take a look and put them back. It’s depending on what we have going on at the time. It gets noted and recorded and we will get back and replace them as soon as we can.”

The poles didn’t cost the Town a significant amount of money.

“They only carried a minimal cost. Rebar is inexpensive and putting them in place with staff is inexpensive as well.”

Smaller items like this get fixed relatively quickly, but it all depends on availability because certain things may assume priority.

“A lot of our infrastructure work will take priority over the trail system. The rest of the markers are still there, and the markers are just there to get people confined to a specific trail system. It’s ensuring they are not roaming too close to the TCH (Trans Canada Highway) or causing issues with traffic or going in over private property that belongs to the Irving service station there as well.”

MacIsaac said the markers are doing what they are meant to do, and there are no real safety concerns.

“They appear to be working as they should. They are meant to just be a delineation on the trail system. They’re not meant to be a safety guide, just keeping people within a boundary.”

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