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Evelyn Hatcher turns 100

Evelyn Hatcher (seated) celebrated her 100th birthday surrounded by family and friends. – © Ryan King / Wreckhouse Press


The Port aux Basques 50+ Club hosted the 100 birthday celebration for Evelyn Hatcher last Monday, Aug 16. The celebration included a gathering of family and friends, an open invitation to the public, and a live band. Born in 1921, Evelyn is blessed with many fond memories, and this birthday party appears bound to be one of them.

“It was wonderful, oh wonderful. You couldn’t have had it better. I didn’t think I had so many friends,” said Evelyn.

Also close to her heart are the memories she has of her best friend, Ethel Hatcher.

“Yeah, she was the best. We didn’t live together, but we always used to go out to the parks and everything. We was good. When I went to see her last time when I went, we told stories and everything. Oh my gosh. The next day I thought was I’ve now got to run over to see how she is ’cause she laughed a lot. We had fun,” said Hatcher.

When she moved from her hometown in Belleoram to travel to North Sydney for work, she stopped in Rose Blanche to visit friends and met her future husband, Tom.

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