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From the editor’s desk: A temporary shift.

We here at Wreckhouse Press, publishers of the Appalachian weekly newspaper, have worked very hard to provide you with information and events. We have covered your news, your achievements, and have done our best to profile your community groups so that their needs are met. We have worked diligently since mid-summer to build a newspaper that is not only accurate, but helpful. To provide this service, we hired a staff of freelance reporters, as well as a local reporter. They have done a bang up job from start to finish.

During the holiday season, our Wreckhouse Weekly newspaper focuses more on seasonal content, including Letters to Santa Claus and Letters from the Mayors.

The weather is changing, and there are more storms in the forecast. The most recent back-to-back storms have combined to rip the shingles off our office and compromised the flooring beneath our digital press. It took us the better part of the week to source the original leak.

It’s winter in Newfoundland, Canada and we are feeling it here at the office.

Because of the supply system back log we are also having difficulties getting in inks and papers from our regular suppliers. It’s not their fault. They are having supply issues too. Who isn’t these days? Materials I’ve ordered in early November are weeks overdue.

The point is, we are going to have to adapt for a few weeks to compensate until our supplies arrive. That means moving our newspaper online.

We know how much this sucks for some of our more loyal subscribers. It will affect our young news carriers too, who venture out into sleet, snow and rain to deliver your local coverage to you.

Again – and I cannot stress this enough – this is NOT THEIR FAULT. Please don’t blame the carriers, nor the staff of the stores that so faithfully carry our weekly newspaper. We are fortunate to have them and the fault is ours.

We failed to accurately predict the impact of the storm system on our supply lines. We had stockpiled for only a couple of extra weeks instead of a couple of extra months.

It won’t happen again. We will lay in a lot more materials to prevent any kind of re-occurence. Rest assured, we’ve learned from this. It’s unfortunate we have had to learn it the hard way, and if I’m being honest I usually do learn the hard way, or perhaps it’s the good old-fashioned way – trial and error.

The Appalachian at will be free for the rest of the year as an apology for not being able to provide you with a print edition. If it helps any, there’s a downlodable version so you can print the puzzles.

P.S. I really suck at sudoku!

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