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From the editor’s desk: The road less travelled

Editor-in-chief René J. Roy is also an experienced book editor, portrait photographer, volunteer firefighter, volunteer board member for the local chamber and diehard fan of the Montreal Canadiens. You can find him snarking on twitter as @hfxhabby.

I just came back from Nova Scotia where I collected my son, who comes back here a few times a year, and his summer vacation. Usually he spends March Break here too, but with the pandemic raging, we had no choice but to skip it.

This time around the travel was actually easier. I booked my trip early and filled out travel forms for both provinces. These documents are essential for approval to enter the provinces.

The most striking thing I noticed, as soon as I arrived in Halifax, is that there were no bare faces anywhere. I mean none at all. Walking down the sidewalk alone? Mask. Standing outside your car alone? Mask. Every single person I saw was very, very serious about masking.

It was remarkably different than what I tend to see around here, where we only seem to mask up before entering a building. Perhaps it’s because we’ve gotten luckier with our case count than they have.

Our drive was mostly filled with rain, fog, and a smattering of sunshine. We decided to take the South Shore drive of Cape Breton, from Port Hawkesbury up to Sydney. Normally we just drive the TCH over Kelly’s Mountain, but we had a lot of spare time on this trip and that turned out to be a very good thing.

The old highway is utterly gorgeous. We found a beautiful little place called St. Peters. The old buildings are nothing short of artwork, beautiful designs, huge lawns, and more. It was pretty enough to impress even a 12-year-old boy.

The highway is in much better shape than the TCH, but it’s more twisted and narrow. We found ourselves with absolutely no traffic for much of the ride.

If you’ve got some time, why not drive a different road, like the old Cape Breton Highway? The road may be less travelled, but sometimes it’s far more enjoyable.

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