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Gateway Status of Women’s Annual Bread & Roses Dinner

The Gateway Status of Women Council’s annual Bread and Roses event has been a popular night in Port aux Basques for many years. With a full house of 230 women in attendance, this annual event includes guest speakers, music, food, prizes and celebration. This year, because of the COVID-19 Pandemic and current public health restrictions, it has been cancelled.

Suzanne Ingram was the Executive Director at the council for many years. She spoke of her passion to create a spectacular event, as the women of the community deserved to be celebrated in grand style. Her board over the years supported this vision, and the event continued to grow until it could not grow anymore – there is not another location in Port aux Basques that could hold more women. Suzanne and the board of directors wanted a special event that left women feeling treasured, special and empowered. A sentiment that continues to this day.

Ingram concluded, “An evening of celebration, but also of reflection. A time to think about women’s equality – what has been accomplished but also how much is still left to do. Bread and Roses flourished because so many women in our communities supported it and our organization made it a priority.”

Carol Ingram is Chair of the Gateway Status of Women Council.

She added “ I can think of no words to describe the power and influence of the Annual Bread and Roses Event. Every single female in that room at that time contributes to the sense of purpose, strength and determination to be better and do better in continuing the fight for equality and acknowledgement. I sincerely thank you all for being a part of that for me and for the women of this area. While we are not together this year, your thoughts and reflections are just as motivating and powerful.”

Tanya Hawco, current Executive Director at the Gateway Women Centre, agrees.

“Bread and Roses has become a treasured tradition for many women in our area. When we asked our past guests to share what the event has meant to them, it was truly heartwarming to read the responses. This International Women’s Day event gives us an opportunity to connect with our community, share our work and celebrate together. There is a powerful energy in the room that stays with you long after you leave. We hope that we will be back together, safe and healthy, next year.”

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