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Getting the 2nd dose

Silas Roy is fully vaccinated, just in time to return to school.


PORT AUX BASQUES – Approximately 79 per cent of NL residents have received one dose of the vaccine for COVID-19, and 65 per cent have received both. Now that school is about to re-open, children 12 and up can also decide whether or not to get vaccinated.

Silas Roy, who spends every summer here with his father, is not shy about getting the vaccine to do his part to end the pandemic. On Thursday, Aug. 19 he got his second dose.

While it may have been his parents’ idea to begin with, that is not the only reason why he volunteered to get vaccinated.

“I feel more comfortable when I’m vaccinated because I’m not like worrying like, ‘Oh my gosh! This is scary,’ being in a store unmasked, ’cause here we have a rule where you don’t have to wear masks in stores anymore, so that’s cool,” says Silas.

Silas noted that he did not feel much in the way of side effects for the first dose of the vaccine, except a bit of tiredness and pain.

“Not really; no side effects except for a bit of pain, but that’s normal there.”

The second dose wasn’t any different.

“Same thing; the needle was a bit more painful, but other than that it was almost exactly the same.”

Silas says that is happy he is vaccinated, not just for being able to be more comfortable in stores, but because it keeps him safe.

“Definitely,” says Silas. “Because you have a lower chance of getting COVID if you are vaccinated.”

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