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Heritage Church hosts first quilt show

The Quilt Show and Dessert Tea at Our Lady of Mercy Heritage Church. – @ Joanne Rose

By JOANNE ROSE Special to The Appalachian

PORT AU PORT WEST – A marvelous display of homemade quilts was on display at the Heritage Church in Port au Port West on Saturday, Aug. 28. Talented quilters from all over the region shared their creations for public viewing and what a spectacular sight it was!

Over 140 items were on display, including traditional patterned quilts and hand-sewn designs. Featured items included an antique crocheted rose spread, a vintage Candlewick Quilt, appliqued quilts, hand-pieced quilts and an ice-dyed Indigo Quilt. There were simple patchwork quilts like your grandmother would make and intricate, complex patterns in new styles. A beautiful Cathedral Window quilt displayed at the entrance took over a year of exquisite hand-stitching by one dedicated artisan. There were a great number of examples of tremendous local talents displayed!

The setting at the Our Lady of Mercy Heritage Church only added to the wonderful exhibit. Like the quilts, the church was made by hand, crafted with hard work and built by local everyday people. The glorious wooden building with the unique windows and stained glass portrayed the quilts in a warm light befitting the colors and textures of the creations.

While only 80 tickets were sold in advance, almost 200 people in total chose to enjoy the first ever Quilt Show and Dessert Tea. Given the success of the event, the committee has decided to make the quilt show an annual event.

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