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Holiday Greetings: Channel-Port aux Basques

Merry Christmas!

“From a Distance” may you celebrate the blessings of another Christmas Season with laughter, great food, and the joys of family, friends and community.

We must recognize the pandemic that has wreaked pain and heartache on thousands of Canadians has not gone away. However, the renewed hope of the distribution of a vaccine for COVID-19 in the New Year does bring good tidings.

These times have not been easy on anyone. Families divided by distance, restrictions on travel, limits on contacts, job losses, masks, isolation and communities torn have impacted us all in some way. The journey has not ended.

Our wonderful town has collectively demonstrated our strength to adapt to a new normal of living with the virus. Residents must continue looking after each other by following Public Health Guidelines. Distancing, masking, good hygiene, and isolation does work in keeping us safe. Keeping our personal, family and community bubbles in tack will allow us to enjoy a most wonderful holiday season. And, it goes without saying, “No mummers ‘llowed in.”

Let’s bring in 2021 with the enthusiasm of renewed hope.

Happy New Year!

Mayor John Spencer

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