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Homeowner battles flooded basement

Curtis Francis’ basement flooded despite the precautions he took before the storm. – Courtesy of © Curtis Francis


PORT AUX BASQUES — For Curtis Francis, a flooded basement was both a new and unwelcome experience as the storm’s deluge found its way into his home.

“I got water in my basement. First time since I lived there in my house which is on top of a large hill on Kyle Lane (Grand Bay West beach road). Just so happened I went down to check on it. I had about 12 inches of water off the floor and the full length of the house minus the garage,” said Francis.

Francis took precautions before the storm, but those simply could not withstand the torrential rain.

“There is weeping title around the house. I really don’t know what happened unless the rain was so hard and so fast it didn’t have nowhere to go. The water might’ve pooled against the door and had enough pressure to open it enough to get in,” said Francis.

He is now working on getting the water out.

“I have a pump setup in the basement now to try and get it cleaned up. Luckily that morning I knew that my mother had a spare pump down at her house, so I went and grabbed that,” said Francis.

Setting it up presented yet another hurdle.

“I was unaware that sump pumps didn’t include the connector, nor did it include the hose, so I went to Home Hardware and just so happened that I got the last set of hoses in stock. I then went home, set up the pump, went to work following that, came home last evening from work and had to spend another three hours down with a shop vac trying to get the remaining water that the sump pump didn’t get sucked up.”

He has made progress to clean up the mess and get his home back to its previous condition.

“Today (Friday, Nov. 26) is much better,” shared Francis. “I have a dehumidifier running down the basement and a heater to try and clear up the last bit of remaining water.

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