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Hurricane Teddy has little impact

Danielle Clarke and Richard Spencer are used to storms. – © J. René Roy

PORT AUX BASQUES – Hurricane Teddy didn’t do as much damage as initially projected. At its peak, the wind blew sea foam across the roads, damaged some siding and pitched rocks the size of soccer balls up onto the driveway of the home belonging to Danielle Clarke and Richard Spencer.

Thankfully their home, which is all of five feet from the sea, didn’t suffer any damage.The large boulders protecting the roads were put in place years ago by the town and took the worst of the storm’s brunt. Still the waves did manage deposit a bit of debris onto their lawn.

“There’s a bit of garbage out here today, a bit of foam and stuff, a bit of driftwood,” notes Spencer.

Spencer recalls other storms that did far more damage than Teddy. He was asleep in one basement when a freak storm surge washed out a neighbour’s basement.

“I didn’t wake up,” he says.

Although they came through the storm unscathed, Clarke says these are some of the biggest waves she’s seen.

“When the waves came in, they were washing up to the shed. I have not seen it that close,” she admits.

The shed is roughly six feet from their house.

The only thing that bothers the couple when it comes to storms is the mess, but that’s not really a big deal either. The town always comes around the next day and cleans the rocks from the driveway.

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