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Kippens council notes: December 9, 2021

Kippens council in chambers. – © File photo


Special to the Appalachian

KIPPENS — The most recent Kippens Town Council meeting took place on Thursday evening, Dec. 9. Matters discussed included capital works, communications policy, committees, and Christmas.

Capital Works Projects

Councillor Jeffrey Young outlined the planned Capital Works Projects. These projects are as follows:

• William’s Lane storm sewer, municipal shared, at a cost of $80,028.17

• Seaside storm sewer, municipal shared, at a cost of $168,671.28

• New maintenance garage, municipal shared, at a cost of $361,282.98

• New walking track, municipal shared, at a cost of $52,233.68

• New community center, community shared, at a cost of $1,684,617.91

• Refurbishment of water storage tank, municipal shared, with an unknown cost at this time

• New splash pad to be constructed at a cost of $137,838.89.

All projects were approved unanimously by council as well as moving forward with loader repairs and hiring a consulting firm to assist with recruiting a new Town Manager.

Communication Policy

Mayor Mike Comerford asked for a motion to approve the creation of a communication policy. Coun. Jeffrey Young moved to adopt such a policy for council and staff alike.

“HR and Finance Committee will draft a communication policy which staff and councillors will follow,” said Young. “The policy will include social media, communication with residents, staff, and councillors, and council will approve it once finalized and agreed upon.”

Committees formed

Mayor Comerford read a letter to council in regard to the formation and structuring of committees for Town Council.

“In keeping with our promise to work as a team within council, listening to the concerns of residents, we’ve decided not only to change the names of committees, but how they are organized,” said Comerford. “It is hoped that these committee names will demonstrate our values as a team, and promoting positive change within our community. All councilors will be working as a team on each committee for the interim so that they become fully aware of the functioning of each committee and provide input based on their experience and knowledge. It is hoped that the residents will continue to be involved in the perspective volunteering capacity.”

The names of the committees and lead contact person are as follows:

Wellness, Culture, and Recreation, whose lead contact is Coun. Carla Pearce-Martin. For Infrastructure and Maintenance, Coun. Harold Doucette, and Human Resources and Finances contact will be Deputy Mayor Regina (Jeannie) Duffenais.

Christmas in Kippens

On December 17 at 6:00 p.m., the Kippens Community Center will host a Christmas in Kippens event.

“We’re going to have a tree put up before that,” said Coun. MacIsaac. “If the weather is bad we will try to schedule for another day.”

If anyone would like a ribbon hung in memory of a loved one, she can be contacted by phone. 649-5896, and any councilor can be contacted if someone is interested in volunteering with the event.

“I’ve already gotten at least a dozen requests, which I’m thrilled about, seeing people getting involved with it,” said MacIsaac. “We will definitely make this a really fun event. We will help decorate the tree and the children will love it.”

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