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Icebergs Come Home Year

Ever since I was a little girl and saw an iceberg just outside of Petites, I have wanted to see more! There are still 13 icebergs up iceberg alley right now and an estimated 21 more! On Victoria Day weekend, I went hunting for icebergs, and I’m pleased to say I was not disappointed!

I stayed at a cabin conveniently tucked away between two hot spots, Bonavista and Merritt’s Harbour. The accommodations were not the greatest and I would consider taking an RV next time.

Arriving Friday afternoon, I could not wait. Hopping in our vehicle I headed to the closest one…. A small thing out in the bay I couldn’t get close to, but could see clearly with the naked eye. I enjoyed the excitement of seeing ice!

I was 30 minutes from the next one just outside of Bonavista (Spillars Cove). Driving through Bonavista, the buildings were so picturesque and the views in all directions were outstanding. I stopped for a bite to eat and went to the lighthouse. It was weathered from the winter but stunning. Than I looked to the right and there it was, bigger and better! This beauty was closer, but unfortunately it had started calving and was substantially smaller than I had hoped.

On Saturday a5 7:30 a.m. we hopped back into our vehicle and headed to Merritt’s Harbour, a 2.5 hour drive. I was driving and looking everywhere once we got closer and didn’t see a thing. I was starting to doubt the information was correct and was worried, but low and behold at the end of the road was a spectacular sight to say the least!

The one was roughly 92 feet high and 104 feet wide, and I was in awe! I couldn’t get enough pictures, using different angles and miscellaneous fishing gear to share the iceberg’s glory. There were pieces of ice in the harbour, and children were pulling it out, licking it like a popsicle. Fun was being had by all ages!

I spent a couple of hours there, had lunch, and watched as people went out on boats and kayaks. Next time I would love to take a boat tour and get closer. There must have been a couple hundred visitors in the time I was there, well above the norm for the small community I’m sure. Everyone was so pleasant and happy to witness the iceberg so close.

A very special thanks to Mike, Rosalyn and Evelyn for joining the adventure. I would highly recommend iceberg hunting while the season lasts.

All of this was possible because of a group on Facebook with daily if not hourly updates, and you can check it out at Newfoundland iceberg reports.

Since arriving in the province early last July, I have wanted to see them. Unfortunately last year there wasn’t much ice that came home, but this year, you will not be disappointed!

Tanya English

Port aux Basques

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