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Letter to the editor: Cell service

I am reproducing below the essence of an email I sent to my cell service provider (Virgin Mobile) regarding the quality of cell service available in the Codroy Valley.

I have a house in O’Regans which I occupy seasonally. Virgin is wholly owned by Bell Canada and uses its tower infrastructure for the service it provides in Newfoundland. I have contacted Virgin about the poor service described below.

Given the complaints I heard about service to that area, I thought this may be of interest to your readers. I am not optimistic for a resolution but others may want to join in.

“Given the high wind conditions that prevail in that area and high road traffic to the ferry terminal, to have sections of highway and surrounding communities absent a cell signal poses dangerous possibilities. Cell coverage can no longer be considered a luxury and improvements are badly needed.

“I spent six weeks in the Codroy Valley (southwestern Newfoundland) from August to September. Service coverage that is advertised as being LTE was totally unsatisfactory.

“Dropped calls are frequent and the additional data I purchased was almost useless because of a poor cell signal. Residents of this area regularly are purchasing cell boosters to access service. This is not specific to any one area.

“The Codroy Valley communities are some 35 kms from Port aux Basques. The geography of this area is within the corridor of theTrans Canada Highway and it is a high traffic section especially for transport traffic and travel to the ferry terminus at Port aux Basques.

“My need to call an ambulance was potentially compromised as I had to move about my property to get a signal. I feel your service is not as advertised and it is poor value for money. The towers serving the area appear inadequate and a review is needed to provide better cell service.”

Larry Peckford

Ottawa, Ontario

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