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Letters: Accidental archaeology

Dear editor,

I’ve been looking at your article about the underground structure in front of Ideal Convenience (Accidental Archaeology, Nov. 2).

On that exact location was a barbershop owned by one Eric Hulan and it did have a basement. I was in it a few times. After him the shop was taken over by Isaac Sheaves, then Russell Anderson, and then John Warren.

Where the Auto Parts is now was previously the Bank of Montreal and prior to that there was a store owned by Mr. Lew Davis, and following that it was owned by Mr. Nathan Bragg as a restaurant.

Close to that and what is part of the now Ideal Convenience was a house owned by Mr. Frank Brake and the other part of Ideal Convenience was the Hulan barbershop.

Then where Don Allen is now was a house and shop combination owned by Mr. Max Strickland, and next to that was Mr. Ray Davis where Barry Musseau is now.

Hope this clears up a few things. I remember the location quite well as I travelled it every day of my life as a younger person.

Rev. George Critchell

Baie Verte, NL

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