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LETTERS: Heartbroken after Hurricane Fiona

I was heartbroken to see the devastation that Fiona visited upon Newfoundland recently and I wanted to assure you that the majority of Canadians share in your grief and want to help.

I thoroughly enjoyed reading Rosalyn Roy’s article (National Post Exclusive: Fiona the aftermath, it looks like a bomb went off) and share her dislike of social media comments that simply reveal the lack of knowledge and understanding of those who express them. Her article was very informative and helpful.

My husband and I spent two weeks driving around Newfoundland a few years ago and it was a wonderful trip and an amazing opportunity to connect with Newfoundlanders. The obvious resilience of the people and their ability to build communities in very difficult terrain spoke volumes to their character. We never went anywhere that there wasn’t music, laughter, and friendliness. Folks were happy to share their stories, their love of community gatherings and music.

I realize that individual donations are a small drop in the bucket, but want you to know that our hearts go out to you and that we have contributed to the Red Cross donation fund.


A. Davies

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