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Letters to the editor: To the People of the Codroy Valley

My name is Richard Joules. I’m a commercial driver for Eassons Transport Group and have been delivering, weekly, fresh and frozen goods to the island for 19 years.

With the events of the last week I have found myself stranded in Doyle’s. Since last week when the roads washed out and cut the Valley off from PAB and eastern NL, I have seen the generosity of Newfoundlanders first hand. I’ve been invited into a home for breakfast; given a grand tour of the Valley; offered four places to get out of my truck and enjoy their amenities; gone to port in a 4×4 – not really sure if we went for coffee and chicken or if we went to see the western washout and then decided that coffee and chicken was a good idea. It was fun though. I’ve even had care packages dropped off to me. One contained two eggs; another a fresh loaf of bread. Considering that milk, bread and eggs haven’t been seen on a Valley store shelf in several days, the generosity of those that dropped them off is above and beyond.

Thank you. Thank you to those of you I know and to those of you I had never met before this week. Newfoundlanders are amazing.

Warmest regards

Richard Joules New Brunswick

P.S. I have been talking with some of my fellow drivers who are waiting for a ferry out of Argentia. Thank you to the surrounding communities for stepping up and looking after my friends, coworkers and fellow drivers.

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