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Lone fatality in PAB motor vehicle accident


Special to the Wreckhouse Weekly

PORT AUX BASQUES — A motor vehicle accident involving a lone male occupant took place on High Street in the early morning hours last Tuesday, July 27. A witness reported that the car had left the road near the BCJ Tax Center and crashed into the building. Fire Chief Jerry Musseau was one of the first responders to arrive on the scene.

“We received the call at approximately 5:00 a.m. and immediately dispatched our first responders. When we arrived, we were able to see that the car had not made contact with the building, but had destroyed the garbage box that belonged to a nearby restaurant, and had also made contact with a pickup truck nearby,” confirmed Musseau.

”We did a rapid survey of the scene and were able to determine that the driver, a single male, was the lone occupant of the vehicle and the vehicle was still running. A first responder checked his pulse and was able to determine there was very little pulse, so the driver was immediately removed from the vehicle and CPR was initiated.”

According to Musseau, paramedics arrived approximately three or four minutes later and assumed the medical care of the crash victim on scene.

“We did a handover of the victim with EMS, when they arrived, then turned our attention to assisting the RCMP who were busy rerouting traffic from the area.”

Musseau stated there were no other injuries resulting from the accident.

“The vehicle front was totally destroyed and you could see that the car came to a stop within a foot, maybe, of the BCJ Tax Center. We ensured there were no other dangers on scene and then assisted EMS with the care and dispatch of the victim. I think they took him immediately to the Charles LeGrow Hospital in Port-aux-Basques.”

RCMP Corporal Colin Helm of the Port aux Basques later confirmed that when RCMP Constable Jeremy White arrived, it appeared the single crash victim was non-responsive and had been taken to the Dr. Charles L. LeGrow Health Centre.

“It did appear that the car driven by the victim had collided with two other vehicles in the High Street Area before coming to rest. There were no other injuries to report.”

Helm stated the matter had been referred to the RCMP Media Relations Branch and that further details would be made available through an official media release.

Media Relations Officer Corporal Jolene Garland, of the Headquarters Branch located in St. John’s, provided a short update and confirmed that the driver was deceased.

“There is currently an investigation underway, lead by the Chief Medical Examiner, as to the cause. However, from the details already provided, there appears to be a high probability that a medical incident had taken place that may be a factor. No further details can be discussed at this time.”

Garland stated that the victim was a male, approximately 58 years old, from the Codroy Valley area. The investigation is ongoing.

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