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Madison Chislett wins Fry Family Foundation scholarship

Madison Chislett, who is studying NDT testing, has won the Leadership Achievement Entrance Award. – Courtesy of the Fry Family Foundation via Twitter


PORT AUX BASQUES — Madison Chislett has earned the Fry Family Foundation Leadership Achievement Entrance Award, which provides a scholarship for her studies in Non-Destructive Testing (NDT) at the College of the North Atlantic (CNA) in Port aux Basques.

The foundation began in 1996 by Darryl and Marlene Fry, who sought to reward students for their efforts at Memorial University, and those who inspired them. Their mandate was revisited in 2017, when the foundation decided to expand the scholarships to those of the disadvantaged segments of society, and also those who demonstrate the potential for leadership skills in their community.

Chislett had enrolled in the Non-Destructive Testing program in 2020, and was studying there for a couple months when she learned of the scholarship. Her instructor, Aaron Cross, told his students about the availability of scholarships, prompting Chislett to research and apply.

When she found out she had won, Chislett was excited not just for the recognition, but for the help it would provide to reach her goals.

“It helped me a lot, because I been also working at Irving while going to school to help save up, and that scholarship went a long way to help pay for my schooling as well,” said Chislett.

Her parents were also ecstatic.

“They were very proud of me, and said it was well deserved, and that my hard work will always pay off in the end,” said Chislett.

The scholarship requires Chislett to maintain good grades, always attend classes, and demonstrate dedication to fully finishing the course. None of this will be hard to do.

“I love it. I’ve done a couple programs before this one and this one is the best by far with the most caring instructors.”

Chislett had previously studied Humanities and Social Sciences at Memorial University in St. John’s in 2018, and Environmental Engineering at CNA in Corner Brook in 2019. She says neither held her interest like the NDT program. While she is enjoying the program, moving back home for Chislett was bittersweet.

“It’s nice to be around family and friends at home, but I’d rather be away. There are more opportunities outside your home town to grow and find your own way. Living away, nobody knows you, so they can’t judge you based on your past, which is what it is around here I find,” said Chislett.

Once she finishes the NDT program, Chislett plans to move to Fort McMurray to find work. However, she will also take with her the values of leadership, and community involvement that won her the scholarship.

“I plan on always continuing forward, no matter how hard it may get. A positive attitude towards the workforce and my work peers will go a long way,” said Chislett. “I want to show others with hard work and dedication, they can also achieve what they want. I will do what I’m asked, and help lead others in the right direction as well.”

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