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Mittens sentencing postponed again

PORT AUX BASQUES — Sentencing has once again been delayed in the case of Mittens the cat. Jody Anderson and Peter Rossiter were both convicted earlier this year of charges for injuring or endangering animal (CCC 1985 [445—a–]). Anderson was present at court today and ready to accept judgment. However, due to Rossiter having flu- like symptoms he could not attend court, and the proceedings could not continue without both individuals present. This marks the third time that Rossiter could not attend court due to flu-like symptoms.

Rossiter had noted that he did not have a COVID-19 test done or had plans for one, but he was planning to have an ambulance take him to the hospital today.

“This is a matter that was set for decision, and the court in fact has its decision ready. This is a situation where both parties need to be present giving of the decision,” said Judge Cole.

Judge Cole noted that she was unaware of any authority that would allow her to judge the individuals separately.

Judge Lynn Cole was forced to pause the proceedings of the court, as a woman who called in for the conference call caused a disruption. New codes for the conference call were provided by the court due to the disruption.

Decision on the case will continue on Oct. 22 at 1:30 P.M. at the court in Stephenville.

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