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Murray’s Beach is a mess

Stop the glass. – submitted


Special to the Wreckhouse Weekly

SOUTHWEST COAST – For many years Murray’s Beach has been a favoured place to go camp, or to simply have a little fire with friends and family, but over the years there have been numerous complaints about the mess that is being left behind, including broken, smashed up bottles and glass. Not only is it illegal and unsightly, it’s also a hazard, particularly for younger children and even wildlife.

Sue Thomas says that despite asking people to refrain from littering and helping to maintain the beach, the problem not only persists, it appears to be getting worse.

“It’s very unnecessary, and there is way more than usual,” says Sue. “People want to be able to camp and have fun without having to worry about stepping on glass or something.”

For several weekends in a row, Sue and her husband, Dave, along with their 8-year-old daughter, Katie, have been working side by side to clean up the mess at Murray’s Beach in an effort to make it a safe place for families. Together they have filled garage sized bins, just cleaning up the broken glass on the beach and plucking the floating wood from down the river.

The Thomas family is asking everyone to do their part to keep the beach clean for all to safely enjoy.

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