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Music Row featuring Lucas Kettle

Lucas Kettle has been hard at work on a new EP, and the first single will be available before Christmas. – Submitted photo

By CAMERON KILFOY Special to the Wreckhouse Weekly

Ambition is a strong desire to do or achieve something through dedication and hard work. Lucas Kettle has ambition like no other. He believes his determination is why he is destined to be a recording artist.

“I have a lot of ambition when it comes to making my dream come true,” said Kettle. “It might sound corny but it is something I want. I am going to work hard to get there.”

Kettle, a resident of Port aux Basques, says his earliest memories of music were at the age of three. His original inspiration to start playing came from his uncle who was in a local band.

“Corey Anderson is my uncle and he was really into the music scene here,” said Kettle. “He ended up putting out a CD but being around him and music at a young age pushed me to start playing.”

When he began playing music, Kettle was doing it for himself, to be one of the greats. It wasn’t until a car ride with his parents that he realized he could make more of it.

“One time when we were driving a song came on the local radio station,” said Kettle. “It was my uncle! It was him. I thought that was cool. To me, a family member on the radio just sparked something in me that I could do something like that. It could be me.”

Along with the support of his family, Kettle ran with his dream. He recalls when he was 11 and first performed for a crowd; he ended up running off the stage of embarrassment. Instead of looking at it as a setback, Kettle grew from that experience. It was in high school when he met a friend and they decided to form a band.

“It was after that performance. I shook it off and buckled down and kept going,” said Kettle. “I met my friend, T.J. Kearley, and he wanted to start a band. Once we started writing I was like, “Wow, I like this.’ We were getting a lot of positive feedback and I knew this was for me.”

As the two grew through high school together, their musical tastes grew apart. Kettle was ready to pursue his path as a solo artist. He describes his style as pop mixed with country while also incorporating the Blues. Thanks to pursuing this new sound and posting videos online, Kettle eventually found himself in contact with a label in Georgia.

“About two years ago, a small label named Echota Records contacted me,” said Kettle. “It was more of a marketing/promotion company than a label. We did work through email and they connected me with a producer. I did an interview down there for the radio station. They are also how I got my first two singles on streaming services.”

Kettle says that someday a record deal remains his goal, but for now he considers his route to be more independent. The experience he had with Echota showed him he wanted to be more hands-on with his music. He wanted to produce his own record. With his two singles gaining traction, Kettle was connected with Chuck Keeping, drummer of Big Wreck, who decided to help create the record.

“A record doesn’t come to life until you’re in the studio to finalize what it will sound like,” said Kettle. “Chuck reached out and told me he would be interested in drumming on my record. Together we formed a partnership to create this new collection.”

Kettle saw his vision through and created a brand new five-track EP (Extended Play). With no release date in mind, he says the project will come sometime this year and the first single will be available before Christmas.

Kettle hopes to someday record and write a full-length album. Before that comes into play he wants to see how these new tracks pan out, although he already has plenty of confidence that his records will gain him enough traction to help propel his chosen career path.

“I am currently working on a media strategy for these new songs. I plan to release them over an extended period,” said Kettle. “I feel good about these songs. To a fresh ear, it will be enjoyable. There are a select few I feel will take off.”

While still blazing his path, his true desire through creating music is to have people learn from his experience. Kettle says he draws inspiration from his life while writing, whether good or bad.

“It’s about all my experiences honestly,” said Kettle. “I just want to make people feel good and put a smile on their face. Just enjoy the music. I do, however, have some deeper cuts where I want people to listen to the meaning behind the song and hear what I am saying.”

Kettle has already opened many doors for his musical career and is focused on taking the necessary strategic business steps to take him even farther with the launch of his upcoming EP.

“When it comes out, I just want people to give it a chance,” said Kettle. “If they take the time to appreciate it the way I have, they will find something in there for them and that can go a long way.”

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