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Rubbing Elbows by Joey Nobleman is available through Amazon.

Rubbing Elbows: An Average Joe Brushes Fame

I’m going to start this review by pointing out two facts. The first is that I’m reviewing the kindle edition of this book and not the paperback, so this review does not take into account production quality of the print edition. The second point is that I don’t really care about famous people unless they are suddenly and mysteriously about to give me lots of money in which case I will change my tune really fast. With that said, I found it hard to get into this book, even though it was well written for the most part. I did find at times that his choice of words was a bit pretentious, to the point where they took me out of the narrative, which is never a good thing when you’re trying to get into a story. For the most part it’s a light and easy read, and it was a bit humourous at times. I find celebrities a bit boring, all saying the same things like “follow your dreams”, so I wasn’t as impressed with them as Nobleman was, but they did seem like good people overall. Given that this is more of a biography and lacked any real plot, I found it a bit tedious. Biographies aren’t normally my thing anyway unless something big happens, but there lacked an element of direction to fully engage me. I am a huge fan of non-fiction and real life stories, but I do need to be engaged to enjoy those. There are plenty of inspirational quotes for the kids Nobleman is teaching, and I also enjoyed the messages and the photographs. The bottom line is this book really wasn’t for me, but if you’re a fan of celebs and always wanted to know what it feels like to hang out with one, this book will probably be up your alley. I don’t think it’s worth the $24 asking price for the print edition, but you really can’t go wrong for the $4 kindle.

Ashley’s rating: 2.5 out of 5 stars.

Book columnist Ashley White is a mother of two and a self-confessed bookworm. She is passing on her love of reading to her children, and is active in local book groups and her community, including through volunteer work at the Port aux Basques Salvation Army. You can email Ashley at

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