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White Picket Monsters.

Thelma Dominey is a retired office administator and advertising sales agent who once worked for Wreckhouse Press Inc. She enjoys most genres, particularly Newfoundland fiction and non-fiction, romance and historical fiction. You can reach her via email at:

This true story about a young girl growing up in horror, sexual abuse and violence is not for the faint hearted reader, but it is one worth reading for those who can tolerate such terrible truths.

Beverly is a survivor, with a lot of inner strength and determination that lets her arise above all of her pain. But the story also reveals what happens after she left her home of horrors.

In addition to drawing back a curtain on what she endured, the book also offers an education about this province’s foster care and government workings. It’s sad, tragic even, and entirely unacceptable that there isn’t more time to ensure adequate supervision of foster parents and the children who find themselves in their care.

What Bev, and others like her, endured is a difficult story to be told, and will forever impact who these children are as adults, but it is one that must be told to understand and to hopefully trigger others into realizing when something is wrong in the neighbourhood, and encourage them to act to protect these children.

The narrative is well done and gripping throughout, and despite the stigma of self-publishing the book is very high quality. I have no hesitation in recommending this book, though I must point out once again that the subject matter is likely not for everyone. The author shows tremendous courage and resolve in sharing such a deeply personal and terrible story, and I can only commend Bev Moore for doing so.

My rating: 4 out of 5 stars

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