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Sweater, written and illustrated by Newfoundland author Emily Hepditch, is both fun and inspirational.

The relationship between a grandparent and their grandchildren is an important one. This book is about such a relationship. It is about the importance of grandparents in your family tree. It inspires you to tell your grandparents how important they are in your own family tree.

Alexander’s sweater, a “big, and itchy and sweaty and scratchy sweater”, entices a scratch. In doing so it causes a problem for Alexander and the solution is found by the end of the story.

This book is about getting presents and the importance of appreciation when you receive one. It is about the perspective surrounding presents and how a not so wonderful present can save the day.

The illustrations enhance the text, both simplistic considering the target audience, which is children. The text enhances the illustrations, demonstrating the power of adjectives. This is a must read for children of all ages.

5 out of 5 stars.

Valerie Parsons has been a teacher for 28 years. She loves reading so much that she opened her own bookstore, started an online book club, and penned her own children’s books and her latest release is an elementary school workbook to help children learn to read.

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