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OPINION: What is National Newspaper Week? And why you should support it.

(NC) Newspapers are an essential part of Canadian culture, communities, and democracy, delivering vital information to Canadians each and every day while connecting local communities from coast-to-coast-to-coast.

It’s hard to express just how important local independent journalism is to our country, which is why we come together each year to celebrate and honour our local news media providers during National Newspaper Week.

So – what is National Newspaper Week?

National Newspaper Week is an opportunity to recognize the critical role that newspapers play in an active and healthy democracy and is celebrated annually across North America. This year, National Newspaper Week takes place from October 2 to October 8, 2022. The week is an opportunity to highlight the work Canadian newspapers and their sites do while encouraging everyone to take part in meaningful dialogue about the role that newspapers play in local communities and how they contribute to a healthy democracy by providing original content that cannot be found anywhere else.

Why does this matter?

In the age of disinformation and “fake news”, newspapers are one of the few credible news sources, helping their readers stay informed, holding governments and individuals accountable, and sparking important conversations. Access to high-quality and trusted news greatly improves the lives of residents across the country by giving them the information they need to stay engaged and connected on essential issues that span local communities and the world at large.

How can you show your support this National Newspaper Week and beyond?

Supporting the Canadian news media industry can come to life in many different ways. It can be as simple as subscribing to your local paper, writing a letter to the editor, or reminding your friends and family just how much we all rely on newspapers to keep communities thriving. Plus, we can all feel confident when discussing newspaper content that we’re sharing fact-based, credible information.

To celebrate National Newspaper Week, News Media Canada has created a custom font “Champions”, available to all Canadians for free download and use. Inspired by the essential service that newspapers provide, the “Champions” font highlights the power of words and the people behind the press who use them to communicate essential information to Canadians each and every day. These real-life superheroes keep our democracy thriving through a vibrant and independent news media.

Learn more about National Newspaper Week and show your support for the industry by downloading the “Champions” font at

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