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PAB council focus on dilapidated properties

By Jaymie White Local Journalism Initiative Reporter PORT AUX BASQUES — The most recent council meeting took place on Tuesday evening, Nov. 21, and matters discussed included the Bruce II fuel switching work, issues surrounding dilapidated properties, the Grand Bay West Trail public session, and public works. Bruce II Sports Centre Even though the facility is open, there is still work to be done regarding the fuel switching, so Mayor Brian Button asked for an update on the progress. “Early next week is the completion of the boiler system and removal of the ground storage tanks with the heat pumps being installed early in December,” said Town Manager Leon MacIsaac. “With the extension put on for the Dextron unit right now it’s pretty tight, but they confirmed that they can get in and get at it.” Dilapidated properties Button asked if there has been any movement on the dilapidated properties that have been brought up in council on numerous occasions. “We’ve had calls from both residents. One property, somebody’s interested in buying a property, removing a home, putting in a shed. The other property, an individual said they wanted to sell their property before the order was put in. I asked to put something into writing to council, for council’s permission to give them a bit of extension, but as of today’s date they have not submitted that to us. And as well as with the other individual, they would also request permission from council before we would renege a demolition order,” said MacIsaac. “It’s a neighbour of one of the properties and he is actually talking to the property owner and so he’s going to get back to me about him. They’re trying to work out a payment there and if that goes ahead then he’ll take care of taking the property down and fixing up the land and probably build a shed there himself in the new year.” “Again, this is supposed to be in writing. We should have that and we should follow up with these people to make sure that either they’re either going to or they’re not,” said Button. “So if not, we proceed the way that we were going to proceed because that could carry on forever.” “I have contact for the person who’s interested and I’ll ask him how long he thinks it’s going to take because I know the property owner basically told him that she didn’t have time to deal with anything and so she left the ball in his court to kind of sort out,” said Town Clerk Nadine Osmond. “But I’ll let them know that it needs to be done quickly so that we can take care of it resolved.” Grand Bay West Trail Button asked about the Grand Bay West Trail public meeting. “Public session went well. I think councilor Ingram you were there and a number of residents there as well, but presentation went very well,” said MacIsaac. “Small amount of people, and that’s normal. There’s not always big crowds for stuff like that anyway, but I was surprised. I was thinking that there would be because I did see some pictures in there. I was thinking that might have been a few more especially with all the submissions that we did have from the general public,” said Mayor Button. “The public really had a lot of input in the actual report so I thought maybe they might be there to be a part of that.” “It does show the interest of the public, of wanting to see something go back and something in some nature of the trails. There was a big announcement today with Starlite Trail from the provincial government. I think a million dollars, I do believe it is,” continued Button. “But I know there was a major announcement for it so that’s good news for the area because, believe it or not, it does attract a lot of people that come out here. I know for us and me and my work life we have people that come purposely just for this for trails in the area, and Starlite Trail being one of them that people do. There are people that seek them out all summer, areas for trails, so that brings tourists to the area and whether they’re staying in parks, hotels, wherever they’re staying, it’s good business.” Property flooding Coun. Melvin Keeping, on behalf of the public works department, provided an update on the flooding issues brought to council by a property owner last meeting. “Items presented that need addressing are flooding issues on the east side of the property, caused by water directed onto his property from another property owner, and we recommended, after we looked at it, we recommend that the ditch in the area needed to be excavated and any catch basins and pipes need to be located, and assist with replacement and repairs, and this is one of the items that, basically, we agreed on with Mr. Sheaves. As a matter of fact, it was raining that day, that morning we were there. That was one of the items that he would like address now, because every time we get the water now with the winter coming, you get the freeze and thaw,” said Keeping. “The existing catch basin at the corner of his building, this structure will require some upgrades and a thorough assessment of where the outlet pipes are going. So right on the corner of his building, there’s a catch open. There’s not a catch basins or like a wall used to have a concrete steel barrier onto it. There’s a pipe that’s leading into it and there’s a pipe leading out, and Mr. Sheaves basically said he’d like to know because he planned on paving his parking lot. So we had a discussion on it and he’s not going to be paving next year, until next spring sometime that we would do an assessment of it, check out where the pipes are, go up and follow through wherever they are, whether it’s through the diagrams here in town or putting colored water into it that we can go and see where the flowing because there’s catch basin down on High Street.”

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