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PAB Council Notes

By Rosalyn Roy

— with files from René J. Roy

PORT AUX BASQUES — The last meeting of Town Council was held on Tuesday evening, Sept. 7. Here are some of the highlights.

Community Market

Council wants to see new signage posted so that people know there is a new community market stand set up near the Train Museum.

“I still do get a lot of people ask me what it is built for and what the purpose of it was,” said Button.

Seasonal vendors seeking permits have been advised that the market stall is completed, but since they already had permits in place they did not set up at the new site. Town Clerk Nadine Osmond noted that the Royal Canadian Legion may still be allowing vendors to set up on their parking lot near the War Memorial. Council would prefer to see that parking lot remain clear of vendors as it has, in the past, resulted in traffic congestion issues for the Dr. Charles L. LeGrow Health Centre across the street.

Mouse Island Slipway

Residents of Mouse Island are worried about the deteriorating slipway. They have asked that Council undertake repairs. Public Works will go up and talk to the residents to discuss a plan. Council had secured funding for other slipways in the past, and will have to investigate if there’s any source of funding to help offset costs, depending on the amount of repairs needed.


Council was advised that they would receive funding to purchase two new sets of Bunker Gear for the Channel-Port aux Basques Volunteer Fire Department.

Council also received a letter from a citizen who is concerned about an oil truck parked in a residential zone, due to the smell, stains and inconvenience. Council agreed to investigate the matter.

Council was also asked to erect permanent marker poles in town to assist new drivers in learning to park and turn. In lieu of using the old elementary school lot, Council agreed to try to find a suitable spot.

Economic Development

Coun. Melvin Keeping delivered the Economic Development report. The Regional Trail Project received two proposals to be reviewed when possible. Come Home Year Committee indicated that a final report will be forthcoming very soon, once the final information is compiled. It was noted that Come Home Year celebrations by all accounts, were a success.

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