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PAB council seeking a medical resident

A medical resident expected to serve in Port aux Basques is no longer coming, but PAB council is hopeful that a replacement will be found soon. – File photo

By Jaymie White Local Journalism Initiative Reporter

PORT AUX BASQUES — The most recent council meeting took place on Tuesday evening, Feb. 28. Matters discussed included the work being conducted on the former fish plant building, correspondence with MUNL Faculty of Medicine, a request to extend a guardrail , and the adoption of a new code of conduct put forth by Municipal Affairs.

Industrial Building Mayor Brian Button wondered if work was still carrying on as expected at the former fish plant and Town Manager Leon MacIsaac confirmed that is indeed the case. “All three pounds are poured, they’re doing the epoxy coating sealer on it now, and there is a fair bit of electrical work that has to be completed on it as well before it is ready to go, but it’ll be ready for lobster season.”

MUNL Faculty of Medicine Mayor Button discussed an email received from the Faculty of Medicine, whom he spoke with regarding the medical resident who was supposed to be coming into Port aux Basques. The faculty was seeking assistance from the Town with regards to accommodations for the student while they were in Port aux Basques for the four months and the Town chose at the last council meeting, to discuss it further. Mayor Button said, after lengthy conversations, he was told that student would no longer be coming to Port aux Basques, but MUNL are looking to find another one and will keep him in the loop.

Extension of Guard Rail Town Clerk Nadine Osmond read out a piece of correspondence that discussed an incident that occurred during bad weather on Feb. 10 where a neighbour of the person who wrote in was attempting to drive their car up Avalon Lane Extension to their driveway. The vehicle started to spin upon reaching the top and the car slid back and down the road, into the corner of the writer’s house. A tow truck was called and there was a broken corner on the house. Luckily there were no injuries but the writer asked that the guard rail on the street be extended to top of the hill, past their house, to avoid similar circumstances happening in the future that may turn out to be more serious. The Town planned for Public Works to take a look at the area to determine the feasibility of that request.

Code of Conduct Training Osmond said the deadline is tomorrow (Mar. 1) for the Town to send in their approval to Municipal Affairs regarding the code of conduct. This document has been in circulation for some time; however, with recovery from Fiona, it had to be tabled and put on the backburner while more pressing concerns were addressed. When Osmond spoke with Municipal Affairs they stated many communities approved the outline provided as is. Once approved, training will have to commence on the adopted code of conduct, and it will consist of four modules. The Town will have until September to complete training. Due to a few sections in the document being worded in broad terms, council made the decision to approve the code of conduct, subject to satisfactory clarification on those items.

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