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PAB Salvation Army throws open its doors

Joan Chaisson is one of the Salvation Army volunteers serving the region in the wake of Fiona. – René J. Roy / Wreckhouse Press

by René J. Roy


Despite being in the Salvation Army hall in Grand Bay for no more than five minutes, I was offered a meal. And at the end of the fifteen minutes I spent talking to Joan Chaisson, a Salvation Army volunteer, I was told by a very lovely lady that I was having a meal, which I politely declined again.

Such is the situation inside the location that has offered shelter and meals to the residents who have been displaced by Fiona.

“I reached out (to the town) because we have food. We have lots of food, and we want to make sure that we’re letting everyone know that anyone can come,” Chaisson explained.

“Have a meal with us. It’s free, it’s not just for the people who are in shelters. Because most people now have gone to stay with families and friends.”

In fact, Chaisson reached out to Town Clerk Nadine Osmond, trying to spread the word that there were meals to be offered, in order to avoid food wastage or spoilage.

Chaisson invited anyone who would like to take an evening off, saying “It’s for everyone who would like to come out, and socialize, get a change of scenery, get a break. For their mental health, for their anxiety, to be able to come out and be able to sit with others, and maybe talk about the weather. “

She also extended an offer to all visiting media, as well as the politicians in town.

“If the reporters want to drop in, it’s nice for the people to mix with the reporters and understand their jobs. And same with the politicians. If they want to come they can come.”

Chaisson’s only request is notice that you will be attending the supper time meal, so they can prepare accordingly.

Meals are served at 9 a.m,. noon, and 5 p.m., at the Salvation Army Hall behind the Grand Bay Fire Hall, on Hardy’s Arterial in Grand Bay East.

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