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Paperboys Treat Mom

Colton and Christian saved money they earned through their paper route to treat their mother, Shana Fiander, to a special Mother’s Day gift. – © Shana Fiander

PORT AUX BASQUES – Having a good paying job definitely comes with perks. Just ask Christian (12) and Colton Fiander (9).

The two brothers are both paperboys with The Wreckhouse Weekly newspaper. Their route covers a large section of the Main Street area and Charlie’s Head. The brothers work together to get their route done in a timely manner, with each of them covering one side of the street. Their mother, Shana Fiander, merely gets to follow along.

The two boys decided to set some of their hard earned money aside to surprise their mother with a gift. Each week they take a portion of their earnings and set it aside, keeping some spending money for themselves.

For Mothers Day, they bought Shana a massage chair.

The young men split the cost, – which we won’t divulge – but Colton says, “It didn’t take too long. About three weeks.”

They chose to order a massage chair for one reason.

“Our mom has always wanted it,” says Christian.

Christian says they bought it online from Amazon, and it came in the mail just last week. Shana had to pick up the box from the post office herself, but recalls, “When I came home, he (Christian) said ‘Oh I’ll bring that in the house for you Mom!’ And he was all grins and all excited.”

Christian says “She was just staring. Shocked. She didn’t really have much of a reaction because she was that shocked.”

The boys also tackled a list of chores for Mother’s Day, including Colton taking over the laundry, but there’s no doubt the massage chair was the biggest surprise for Shana this year. Christian touched upon the very heart of Mothers Day.

“We bought it for her, because she always buys everything for us.”

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