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Crews were spotted around Port aux Basques last week, including this one on Main Street, patching holes that had opened up thanks to almost a week of heavy rain.

PORT AUX BASQUES – It ’s that time of year again. After almost a week of steady rain, Port aux Basques sent work crews out to patch up the worst of the holes when the sun finally returned last Wednesday, Apr. 7. The worst of these holes, near the Port Club on Caribou Road, were so severe that the town issued a warning on social media urging motorists to use extra caution when driving through that area.

“Town staff has had to deal with excess runoff from melting snow, warmer temperatures, high winds and heavy rain which impacts road surfaces and sub-surfaces due to as accelerated water conditions,” stated Town Manager Leon MacIsaac via e-mail. “A number of streets, such as Caribou Road, are producing potholes. Staff have been placing material such as sand bags, cold asphalt, gravel and installing signage until more effective repairs can be made. Permanent repairs to potholes will be delayed until water buildup slows and crews are able to install hot recycled asphalt.”

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