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RCMP kept busy during storm

A car was left stranded after a portion of the roadway near the Train Museum flooded, as the sewer system struggled to cope with the deluge. RCMP erected barriers to prevent motorists and pedestrians from getting trapped. – © René J. Roy / Wreckhouse Press Incorporated


PORT AUX BASQUES — With the heavy rains, highway washouts, flooded homes, and even an airlift emergency, local RCMP officers had to act quickly during the storm to help protect residents and property.

“It has been a busy couple of days for the RCMP in Channel-Port aux Basques dealing with calls for service and liaising with other emergency service partners in managing the road closures and concerns of flooding in various areas throughout the Codroy Valley,” stated Jolene Garland, Media Relations Officer with the RCMP.

Of particular concern was taking care of residents who disregarded their own safety.

“Our officers have responded to a number of calls for service, including safety concerns of residents standing too close to the shoreline, watching large waves crashing onto the shoreline, stranded motorists due to heavy water build up or washouts on the roadways, and motorists who are not abiding by the barricades that have been erected for safety in areas at risk of a roadway washout,” said Garland.

There was also an airlift emergency of a couple and their dog living in a yurt next to Coopers Brook. The brook overflowed, trapping them in their home.

“Weather conditions left the couple stranded and in need of transportation, which was arranged through the use of a Cougar helicopter,” said Garland.

Despite recent calls by community leaders for more RCMP officers to be stationed at the Port aux Basques detachment, Garland stated that the RCMP staffing in the town was sufficient to deal with matters during the storm.

“The detachment was able to respond to all calls for service without the requirement of additional police resources, which are available if needed.”

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