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ROZ’S RANT – Making the switch.

I hate winter. I’m not an outdoorsy person to begin with, but once I have to drag my arse out of bed to shovel snow in the biting, pre-dawn hours, there’s an extra level of dislike that kicks in. I once worked in windowless, industrial office and didn’t seen the sun for weeks unless I went outside during lunch break. It was soul crushing. If there’s any solace to be had, it’s probably that my energy costs have gone down and I’ve reduced my carbon footprint. I took advantage of the provincial funding plan and hauled out my oil furnace, then upgraded my electric to more efficient ones. Instead of $600 for oil (pre-COVID spoke price) plus $400 for electric, I’m down to about $500 per month, even in the long, dark winter. I know there are problems with green energy, but even this small switch away from my using fossil fuel as my primary heat source feels like a victory, however small. And those savings have helped offset a bit of this inflation madness. Grocery prices are through the roof, and if I’m going to hibernate while I wait for the summer sun, I intend to stay both warm and fed.

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