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Roz’s Rant: Uncommon Sense

Rosalyn Roy is a seasoned journalist, editor and multi-genre book author. A diehard Montreal Canadiens fan, on twitter you can find her ranting about hockey as @tygerlylly.

There’s a saying that goes something along the lines of “Common sense isn’t common anymore” and for proof one need look no further than across the Gulf at Nova Scotia. Some yahoos from Ontario decided to pop on down for a barbecue, others are rotational workers who have been fined for not self-isolating and now the premier has closed non-essential travel into and out of the city for the next four weeks thanks to another outbreak.

I have loved ones in N.S., people I haven’t seen in over a year and people I’m not likely to see for months yet, if at all this year. So where do these people get the right to come down and endanger lives for the sake of a barbecue? I hope whatever they were serving make them puke afterwards. People might die because they wanted some pork back ribs?

In Ontario, people are dying at home because there are no beds left in hospital. I saw an article, shared on social media by a doctor, that stated people with less than a 70 per cent chance to survive wouldn’t be offered a respirator. Doctors are horrified, but resources are stretched so far beyond capacity that it has apparently come to this. It was all avoidable.

At one of the grocery store here in town I cautioned a man who came in without a mask. He glared at me, gave me a scathing look and made an unkind remark. I’m the jerk for pointing it out. He was the one who forgot his mask. I guess that mask is more off-putting than my possible death, or the death of anyone else in that store.

Yes I’m exaggerating for effect. But at least I’m not playing fast and loose with people’s lives just so I can have a barbecue.

Where is the common courtesy? Where’s the common sense?

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