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St. George’s Council talks website, road repairs

Mayor Danny Conway during the Town of St. George’s council meeting on Monday evening, Feb. 7. – via Facebook live

By Jaymie L. White

Special to the Appalachian

ST. GEORGE’S — The most recent council meeting took place on Monday evening, Feb. 7 and matters discussed included finances, a stadium report, and the Town website. Here are the highlights.

Financial matters

Mayor Danny Conway moved that council approve the payment of general invoices in the amount of $15,571.15, which was approved unanimously by council. The breakdown of payments included invoices covering wastewater management, gas and diesel, garbage collection, and first aid training for the fire department.

The mayor also presented the bank balances on behalf of the Finance Committee.

“These bank balances, there is money that has been collected so far this year, but our budget is not actually approved yet by Municipal Affairs and you can see where our percentages are high in our flow statements.”

The bank balances were listed as follows:

• Bank Balance for Town General – $325,417.53

• Loan Balance – $512,124

• Loans Account – $185,661.95

• Other Loans – $335,170.98

• Gas Tax Account- $295,867.35

• Stadium Account – $189.01

• Total Monthly Payments – $8176.73

Councillor Joe Blanchard asked for clarification on why the line of credit was included in the bank balance for the general account as it hasn’t been used.

Mayor Conway said it’s because it’s a loan that’s approved through Municipal Affairs and guaranteed through the government so it has to be carried on the books, but it hasn’t currently been used and hopefully won’t have to be.

The mayor also shared that the yearly budget has not yet been approved, but it is approximately $1.2 million. For the month of January they spent $72,172.64, which means that the Town is currently within budget.

Stadium report

The bowling alley opened as of previous Sunday in stadium; however, restrictions will determine how many people are able to be in the bowling alley at any set time.

“We can’t have the building just sitting up there. Hopefully in another couple of months this will all be in the past and we can see what we’re going to do in the whole building up there and get things moving again,” said Mayor Conway.

Road repair

Coun. Blanchard said a plan is being put together for the road across from the drug store to place storm drainpipe into the ditch for proper drainage, and to upgrade the hill with approximately 20-30 feet of pavement for the approach. He said he spoke with the Department of Highways who said when it’s ready for pavement, that they will take care of it.

“If they don’t do the pave, I suggest we look at doing it ourselves, because it was ripped up previously by the Town anyways and fixed up to ten times by Highways. But we will look into doing something once Spring breaks.”

Town website

Mayor Conway moved that there be an approval to pay Glacier Cove Design Group for the migration upgrade of the Town’s webpage. Currently the town is unable to get town notices out on the webpage, but once it is migrated into the new server it will be bigger and better to serve residents.

“The one we are on right now is full and so we can’t upload anymore to it, so they are going to go into another server on our system.”

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