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Swimmers of the Week

Cameron Alley

Age: 11

Years In Swimming: First

Division: Pre-Competitive

Favourite Swim Stroke: Backstroke

Coaches Comment: Cameron is new to the Piranha Swim Team this year. He is working hard to learn the competitive swimming strokes and loves a challenge. He is always eager to practice whatever new skills we are working on and loves to play the games at the end of practice, especially Dive Game! Keep up the great work Cameron!

Rylan Ingram

Age: 9

Years In Swimming: 2

Division: Pre-Competitive

Favourite Swimmer: Noelle MacDougall

Favourite Swim Stroke: Breaststroke

Coaches Comment: Rylan is in his 2nd year of the Piranha Swim Club. He is hard working and always tries his best. Rylan is a great listener and always has a positive attitude when attempting to learn new skills. Keep up the great work Rylan!

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