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Town of Stephenville municipal election candidates

Top row, from left: Tom Rose, Tom O’Brien, Laura Aylward. Second row: Geoff Benoit, Tracy Boland, Susan Fowlow. Third row: Paul Green, Tristan Hulan, Melvin Pollard. Fourth row: Gerard Pomeroy, Ernest Snooks, Lenny Tiller. Bottom row: Myra White, Wade Winsor.

By JAYMIE L. WHITE Special to The Appalachian

STEPHENVILLE — The Stephenville Municipal election will take place on Tuesday, September 28 from 8:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m.

Two candidates, Tom O’Brien and Tom Rose (incumbent) are vying for the Mayor’s chair. There are a total of 13 candidates running for a councillor’s seat.

One candidate – Sonny Floyd Wood – was unavailable for interview prior to publication deadline.

TOM ROSE (running for Mayor)

Rose has been mayor of Stephenville for the last four years. He wants to be elected for a second term to continue work on critical files still in development and to help move Stephenville’s economic and social community forward.

TOM O’BRIEN (running for Mayor)

O’Brien served as mayor of Stephenville for three previous terms. He still has a great love and interest for the community and would love the chance to build on the accomplishments that took place during his run as mayor.

LAURA AYLWARD (running for Council)

Aylward is the longest-serving member of the Stephenville town council and has served on the council for 28 years. She hopes to be elected again to continue working on the ongoing projects for the betterment of the community.

GEOFF BENOIT (running for Council)

This is Benoit’s first time running for town council after working away for 23 years. He wants to use his years of experience in road construction, water, and sewer to help the town find better, more permanent solutions.

TRACY BOLAND (running for Council)

Boland worked in the airline industry for 30 years, and this is her first council run. She wants to help make life easier for seniors, help non-profit organizations and volunteers, and increase advertising for small businesses in the community.

SUSAN FOWLOW (running for Council)

Fowlow, the current Deputy Mayor of Stephenville, has been on the council for the last four years. If elected, she wants to continue helping the Town of Stephenville stay vibrant and remain a voice for social and economic development.

PAUL GREEN (running for Council)

Green has previously run for council and wants the chance to help inform the community on what’s happening. He wants to see more green spaces to help people relax, reduce stress, and boost physical and mental health.

TRISTAN HULAN (running for Council)

Hulan is a business owner who is taking his second shot at running for council. Hulan wants to be a younger voice on council who can appeal to that demographic and help make life better and more inviting here for younger families.

MELVIN POLLARD (running for Council)

Pollard is self-employed and has always had an interest in government. Pollard wants to be an advocate for improvements in numerous areas such as healthcare, road/sidewalk conditions, infrastructure, and business development.

GERARD POMEROY (running for Council)

Pomeroy, an accountant for the last 37 years, has always had a passion for politics. He believes in business and job development, affordable housing for seniors, supporting arts and culture in the community, and improving youth programs.

ERNEST SNOOKS (running for Council)

Snooks has run for council before, and if elected, it will be his first time serving. Snooks believes in the potential of the town and wants to do his part to help harness that potential and make Stephenville a better place.

LENNY TILLER (running for Council)

Tiller has always had a passion for politics and this is first run for town council. Tiller believes in the importance of keeping our families here and thinks accessibility and transparency are two ways in which to accomplish that.

MYRA WHITE (running for Council)

White worked with CNA for 24 years, and as someone who has voiced her concerns with council, believes being elected will allow her to make a difference. She wants to help encourage positive change through co-operation.

WADE WINSOR (running for Council)

Winsor is a career tradesman who worked at the mill for 23 years. Winsor believes in people helping one another and wants to see industry brought back to the town, more activities for younger children, and more support for our seniors.

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