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Word on the Street: Bruce II, food costs and the T’railway

By René J. Roy


We asked a few of the folks around our region about some current issues. Here’s what Jim Currie, Wilma Pike and Wayne Osmond had to say.

How do you feel about the Bruce II being closed for a couple of weeks during Alert Level 4?

“I didn’t know it was. But thats a good idea.” – Jim Currie, Port aux Basques

“Well probably its a good thing. It might help us in the long run.” – Wilma Pike, Port aux Basques

How do you feel knowing COVID-19 is now here in the community?

“It’s making me be more aware of where I’m at. I got my booster yesterday too.” – Jim Currie

“Not great, but we’ve been very lucky along the way. I follow the rules and I’m in line for my booster shot.” – Wilma Pike

“I think it’s a bit late coming around here. We been good and lucky I tell you that. A bit nervous about it, but you got to put up with it. ” – Wayne Osmond, Rose Blanche

What do you think about schools being closed. Does it present a challenge for you?

“Perfect. It’s hard, but its the right thing to do.” – Jim Currie

“Well getting someone to look after the kids while the parents are working has been challenging.” –Wilma Pike

What do you think about the Trailways closing down after there was a fatal accident?

“I think hindsight’s 20/20. They were aware of it. They were aware of the washouts. There is trail management here.” – Jim Currie

“Well people knew it was washed out. Why travel after that?” – Wayne Osmond

What, if anything, do you want to say about the rising cost of food and groceries?

“Oh my Lord. That’s crazy isn’t it? It’s doubled in price in a year! It’s hard.” – Jim Currie

“You don’t want to know! ^@$^& Ridiculous is what it is! And the price of gas is un-friggin’-real.” – Wayne Osmond.

“Oh my goodness. Let’s not go there! It’s WAY too expensive. I really feel sorry for young families out there today, and the older people on fixed incomes, right?” – Wilma Pike

What are you hoping to see your Town’s Council accomplish this year?

“That’s a good question. I haven’t even thought about that. Maybe roadways?” – Jim Currie

“I think Council is doing a really good job. And I think they did right by shutting the Bruce down, trying to protect us all. ” – Wilma Pike

“Well I don’t think there’s a lot to ask for. They’re working on the water, and done some roadwork. I think they’re doing pretty good.” – Wayne Osmond

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