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Word on the Street: Food Prices

Sabina Allen – © René J. Roy

By René J. Roy


The cost of groceries has skyrocketed since the beginning of the pandemic and has spiked even further in large part due to the Russian invasion of Ukraine, which prompted wheat prices to jump 50 per cent overnight. Even before these events, the price of food was on a steady climb.

We spoke to a few shoppers to get their thoughts about the price of food and how it is affecting them.

Lorraine Hatcher has definitely noticed the high prices.

“Really big difference. Its not causing me much trouble. Not yet, because I’m watching what I buy.”

It has affected her buying habits too.

“When you go to look for a roast or something, you wont have it, because its too expensive to look at. So you just put it back.”

She’s also choosing less healthy options due to the cost.

“Definitely. Fruits are too high to buy. So I’m not buying too much.

Sabina Allen couldn’t agree more.

“I think it’s terrible. And for senior citizens on a fixed income it’s very hard, between the groceries, the gas and home heating.”

Her grocery bill has gone up, and she definitely feels the pinch at the checkout counter.

“Way way way up, a lot. Meats, and produce. I’m buying less. It affects me every week.”

“Great increase in prices. Probably two or three dollars on some items,” says Juanita Hardy. “It’s usually the basics, and you gotta have it, but it still affects my bottom line.”

When asked if this has caused her drastic hardships, Hardy replied, “Not for me as such, but I could see a big hardship for my daughter. She has three girls, and if it wasn’t for me and my husband, working and helping her out….”

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