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Wreckhouse Weekly Welcomes Ryan King

Ryan King is joining the Wreckhouse Weekly as a community news reporter – Rene J. Roy

PORT AUX BASQUES – Ryan King has been hired as a new full time reporter for the Wreckhouse Weekly. He hails originally from Deer Lake.

“I grew up on the outskirts of Deer Lake, in Spillway,” he clarifies.

Ryan has lived in Port aux Basques for the past three years, although he had been working in Corner Brook during that time. He was an emergency services dispatcher with the provincial 911 system. He credits (or blames) the long commute on his girlfriend, Lori Billard, a local school teacher. Ryan would work four days on and four days off, and have a couple of days off in between.

“My shift work allowed me to travel back and forth. After a few close calls on the highway with transport trucks, moose, and the weather itself, I decided it was time to buckle down and find a solid job in Port aux Basques.”

Being a reporter is not something that Ryan has a lot of experience with, but he has a solid literary pedigree.

“I had previously completed an English degree at Grenfell campus of Memorial University, so you can imagine the thrill I had when I got an interview with the Wreckhouse Weekly. Nowadays, it’s not too common to find a job in your field when you just have a Bachelor’s degree. Now I find myself working and living in the same town, and I couldn’t be happier.”

Ryan is also looking forward to getting to know the community better.

“I would only have two days of free time here, so it will be nice to get out into the community, get to know the people, to get a better feel for what’s going on here culturally.”

He has noticed a lot of similarities between Spillway and the Southwest Coast.

“I can see a lot of parallels between Spillway and the small coastal communities around Port aux Basques, like Margaree. I just really love that small town life.”

Ryan has an affinity for painting and for digital art as well, having recently begun exploring 3D computer modeling. He cites Calvin and Hobbes as one of the reasons he was drawn to art, and also to writing.

“My love of books and reading grew with age, and when it was time to go to University, it was no question I was taking an English degree.”

Ryan admits that until he decided to really commit to finding a local job, his path to journalism was hampered by having to get a degree in Halifax.

“That put a damper on things, but it just goes to show you, don’t let what anyone says around you or your own self doubts, hold you back from trying your all.”

Ryan has already written a couple of articles for the Weekly as a freelance reporter.

“Overall I would say I’m loving it. It has been a bit hectic getting my feet wet. Learning to budget my time correctly has been a process, but it’s exciting all the same. It’s a very fast pace, and every day has been a little bit different.”

He wasn’t overly fond of learning that writing stories sometimes takes a reporter deep into the evening hours, but “tight deadlines and writing late into the nights is no stranger and has been a bit nostalgic in a way.”

As for what he has found more challenging, Ryan says it’s just learning the ropes on how to do the job properly.

“The worry that you might drop the ball learning your way around your new duties,” he says. “But the staff here has been immensely helpful in this regard. I’ve been given a lot of support, and I hope to be bringing news stories to Port aux Basques for years to come.”

Ryan is happy to listen to story ideas if you have any. He can be reached via email at or by contacting the office at 695-2389.

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