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Blue House crumbles into sea

About Wreckhouse Press

A Legacy Born from Adversity

   In the heart of Newfoundland, amidst the transformative winds of 2020, Wreckhouse Press emerged as a symbol of adaptability and creative storytelling. Founded by the visionary duo, multimedia journalist Rosalyn Roy and photojournalist René J. Roy, we epitomize a blend of journalistic integrity, innovative media training, and strategic public relations, deeply rooted in the rich narrative tradition of our namesake, the rugged Wreckhouse area.

Our Pioneering Journey

   Wreckhouse Weekly, our inaugural venture, launched during the challenges of the global pandemic, breaking new ground in combining traditional journalism with digital innovation. Our approach to news, grounded in the community and driven by a commitment to integrity, has set new standards in Newfoundland journalism and media.

Resilience in the Face of Storms

   Our defining moment came with Hurricane Fiona in 2022. As the storm battered our East End base in Channel-Port aux Basques, our team's resilience shone, earning accolades at the Atlantic Journalism Awards. René's evocative photojournalism and Rosalyn's compelling reportage in "Fiona's Fury" exemplify our dedication to bringing impactful narratives to the forefront.

More Than News

   At Wreckhouse Press, we extend beyond the newsroom. Our independent publishing arm breathes life into diverse stories with works like Rosalyn's "Becoming Autism Friendly" and René's "Reflections," capturing the essence of our local community and its rich heritage.

Engage with Us

   We invite you to explore our range of services, from custom printing and graphic design services to complete book publishing, printing and distribution. Are you an author looking to self-publish, or looking to submit your work for consideration? Send us an email inquiry and someone will get back to you Find out more on our SERVICES page.

Welcome to Wreckhouse Press, where stories aren't just told; they're brought to life.

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