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4 Tips for staying healthy this winter

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(NC) Most of us are venturing out of our homes more often this winter, with schools and offices reopening. This means it’s important to do everything we can to stay healthy for an enjoyable season. Here are some tips to remember:

1. Eat a balanced diet. What we put in our body fuels us and helps protect us. Even though the holidays and hibernating on the couch during weekends can tempt us to reach for processed snacks, balance out indulgences with more nutritious foods. Fresh fruits and veggies are available throughout the season, so be sure to take advantage of them, and remember to include whole grains and lean proteins.

2. Get enough exercise. Moving our bodies is great for boosting immunity and mood. Whether you prefer the gym or walking around the block, the key is to have regular physical activity. If you’re just starting out or don’t know what to do in the cold, try something new like snowshoeing or ice skating. Try partnering up with a friend or family member to get some quality time together and maintain motivation.

3. Visit your doctor. Many of us have neglected regular checkups and doctor’s visits during the pandemic. But staying on top of these can make sure you’re healthy and able to fight off colds and viruses. Check that your vaccines are up to date, that any bloodwork required is being done and that you have a time booked for your physical. Don’t forget to make appointments with specialists, like your therapist or dermatologist.

4. Drink fresher water. Canadian private and public drinking water supplies are generally of excellent quality. Whether it’s supplied by a municipal system or a private water well, water can carry contaminants that are harmful or cause the water to taste off. Use a DIY at-home test kit from My Water Quality to make sure your water is pure. Simply follow the instructions and use the courier service that is included with the testing kit to ship your sample to an accredited laboratory. An easy-to-read report card will arrive within five to 20 days and provide you with all the results.

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