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Astrolabe Days at Scott’s Cove Park

andra Devoe of Devoe Ranch (second from right, front) and her team brought two horses and a pony, along with other livestock, and allowed children to take pictures with and pet all nine of their animals. – © Rosalyn Roy / Wreckhouse Press Inc.

By Rosalyn Roy Senior Staff Reporter

PORT AUX BASQUES – For the first time, live farm animals were part of the attraction at Scott’s Cove Park as part of the Astrolabe Days celebration. A team of four and a pair of little helpers from Devoe’s Ranch, based in the Codroy Valley, unloaded multiple trailers and trucks last Friday afternoon, Aug. 4. The town took the initiative to reach out to the ranch to see if they’d be willing to participate, confirmed owner Sandra Devoe. “It’s the first time we’ve been invited to do it,” said Devoe. The animals were offloaded from the vehicles quickly, but not quickly enough for some of the eager children. The animals barely got put into their holding pens before getting surrounded, though none of them seemed to mind. At least one animal put up a minor protest. In order to get the hog to agree to settle into its pen, Devoe resorted to crawling in with it. But the rancher said she loved seeing the large crowd. “According to our Facebook page, all the people that were in viewing there was over like, a thousand views. So I kind of expected a nice turnout.” The event lasted from 1 p.m. to 3 p.m. and was free for everyone to enjoy. Judging by the smiles, it seemed that the Devoe Ranch crew had just as much fun as the crowd.

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