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Burgeo RCMP update

RCMP have promised that the Burgeo detachment will be re-staffed, but not when.

BURGEO – After almost a year without a dedicated police presence, Glenda A. Power, Director of Strategic Communications said that the RCMP is working towards having police officers returned to Burgeo. There’s no clear date as to when officers will return to the detachment, which has remained unstaffed since October 2020.

Power noted that returning dedicated police officers to Burgeo is dependent on two factors: work on housing for the RCMP officers must be completed and the availability of officers.

“The RCMP here and elsewhere in Canada is experiencing pressures in having police officers available due to the impacts of COVID-19, primarily surrounding the shutdown of training at our Training Academy in Regina during the height of the pandemic. While the number of cadets being trained is easing back toward normal levels, human resources impacts continue to be felt,” stated Power.

Police response for Burgeo and Ramea is currently being provided from outside the immediate area.

“Police services for Burgeo are provided by the Bay St. George District RCMP. All calls for this area and throughout the province are triaged based on priority of police response,” confirmed Power.

Prompted by rumours, Coun. Sue Ann Peckford also confirmed via social media that RCMP will return.

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