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Circuit Court report


PORT AUX BASQUES – Provincial Circuit Court was held at the courthouse on Main Street on Wednesday, Sept. 14 to Friday, Sept. 17 with Judge Lynn Cole presiding.


Brian Poole, who chose to represent himself, plead guilty to two charges: Assault (CCC 1985 [266-b-]) and Mischief relating to property – less than $5,000 (CCC 1995 [430-4-b-]). Judge Cole is expected to hand down sentencing on Dec. 1, pending a pre-sentence report.


Lee Andrew Smith pleaded guilty to unlawfully fishing with a line equipped with anything other than an artificial fly with barb-less hook (FACR2 [14-2-a-]).

Judge Cole handed down a $1,000 fine, a one-year prohibition from recreational fishing, and prohibited Smith from being on or near inland waters for purposes other than transportation. His rod and flies were seized, but not the reel as it had sentimental value attached since it once belonged to Smith’s grandfather.

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