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Driver avoids disaster during road collapse

His truck suffered some damage after a road collapse, but fortunately Ryan Moore was unhurt. – Photo courtesy of © Ryan Moore


DOYLES – Ryan Moore had a close call Tuesday night, Nov. 23 during the storm. While he was driving through the Doyles area, the pavement gave way underneath him without warning.

Moore had ventured out to check on his father’s business, a home hardware store, since his father was on vacation.

“It was dark so I couldn’t really tell. From what I could tell it was just pavement floating in the air. When I hit it, it broke open,” said Moore.

Fortunately his truck was able to clear the hole that formed quickly behind as he drove on.

“It never fell in the hole,” said Moore. “I got across it before everything gave out underneath me.”

Moore was able to walk away without serious injury.

“I’m a little bit stiff, a little bit sore, sore ribs, but that’s about it,” said Moore.

The truck didn’t make it through the incident quite as unscathed as its driver.

“Tore the front tire off. Bent the frame,” said Moore. “So she’s sitting in the middle of the road now until a tow truck can come.”

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